Love Gift Wrapping ( Momimhar posted on December 22nd, 2011 )

Wrapping gifts is very easy if everything you need like adhesive tapes (double-sided is handy too!) and dispenser, scissors, wrapping papers, staples and staple remover are on hand especially when you are wrapping gifts for everyone in your family this Holiday season.  I love gift wrapping.  In fact, that was my favorite thing to do when I was working in a department store three years ago where I started as a holiday worker and hired as a customer service associate later.

nicely wrapped gift

I am very busy with preparing gifts this year.  My daughter just turned 1 this month and my hands are getting full because she is in the toddler stage now.  She is growing healthy and smart, and developing very well too.  She can walk independently now and jabbers a lot.  These milestones are very memorable like the previous ones.  My husband and I always make sure we give the attention she needs every day.  My little princess will surely get lots of presents this Christmas.  Last year was not much.  I bought her something she will really enjoy.

Christmas gift for baby

My husband will get something he had been wanting for a year now :).  It is fragile and breakable.  Something that smells really good.  Besides me, it is the passion of his manhood.  Did you get the hint? 😉

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