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Adding A Personal Touch To The Christmas Tree Decor ( Momimhar posted on December 13th, 2011 )

The big Christmas tree is not up this year.  But we have a 32″ fiber optic Christmas tree.  The reason why we get a small tree is to prevent my little one to mess up the big one.  We just have to put the fiber optic Christmas tree on a high place so she cannot reach it.  I like it so far because it has pretty changing lights.

My cousin recommends photo ornaments on the tree.  Besides colorful balls and other decor, photo ornaments bring a personal touch to the Christmas tree especially if the selected photos are taken from special occasions.  Now I am in the process of looking through my digital photo album so I can select the pictures to become ornaments in my tree.

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The Christmas Gifts For The Kids ( Momimhar posted on December 13th, 2011 )

I feel a little sad because I will not be able to ship my package on time to my family back home.  The package supposedly has to be sent in October but I was very busy with organizing my younger sister’s special event.  Then the holiday season is on and there is not enough time or no extra time for the package.  My niece and nephew are expecting gifts from us this Christmas.  And all of them are in the package.  So frustrating.

Few weeks ago I talked to my mother asking her to tell the kids that the package will be delayed.  They will receive it early next  year.  What I was thinking is that, I might send them some money to shop for Christmas outfits and gifts.  Aw, I wish the package delivery time is quick during the Christmas season.  But some shipping companies have a 45 to 60 days delivery time.

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