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Baby’s turned 1 ( Momimhar posted on December 6th, 2011 )

Wow!  My princess turned 1 today.  So unbelievable how she grows quickly.  The milestones and baby’s development are truly amazing. She is staying healthy and growing smarter everyday.  I am very thankful to God that he gave us a beautiful, healthy, smart and happy baby.

At first, I thought the hardship of infant care is unbearable.  There were moments when I burst in tears because of frustrations and self-pity.  Well, the emotional issue was also part of my postpartum recovery.  I was expecting too much from support system.  As time goes by, everything gets better.  Sometimes I feel a little upset but I look at the positive side of all things.  Motherhood is a rewarding stage in a woman’s life.

baby's birthday cake made by mommy

I baked a cake this afternoon as a part of celebrating my baby’s 1st birthday.  I invited my cousin and her little one to join us.  Since it is a weekday, the party will be held this coming Saturday.

Happy 1st birthday K!  Mam-ma and Dah-dee love you so much.  We are very proud of you darling.

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