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Use Your Credit Card Wisely ( Momimhar posted on December 2nd, 2011 )

While shopping for baby clothes today, I saw a beautiful set of cookware.  I really do not know how to cook.  Well, I know how to make a meal but I do not have the cooking skills like my mother and sister have.  There is always a fascination in me towards the kitchen stuff.  My family never had a good looking set of cookware, dinner and tableware.  But when I saw the price of the cookware, I stepped away from it.  Because my budget is not even at the half of it’s amount (chuckles).  So I headed towards the silverware section.  I saw this pretty set of spoon and fork.  The set looked really nice and made with good quality material.  I grabbed it…went to check out counter.  Credit card swiped…again.

There, I used my credit card again for the purchases today.  But that’s okay.  I am a good payer.  My bills are payed on time.  I do not like to leave a big balance in my card.  A friend of mine told me that she had a huge debt.  I hate the thought that someone kept bugging her because she has a big obligation.  She tried to negotiate.  It was like a collection harassment happened.  It says in the fair debt collection law, a debt collector cannot call repeatedly for collection.  Proper action was taken and my friend already settled that out.  Everything’s okay now.  Her advice to me is to use the credit card wisely.

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