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Christmas Carols ( Momimhar posted on December 18th, 2011 )

I can say that there is nothing like how the Filipino people celebrate Christmas.  The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration starting the month of September up to January (when Three Kings is celebrated).

When I was growing up in the province, my cousins and friends did Christmas carols.  We rehearse our songs two weeks before the night of December 16th.  Then we go to sing Christmas carols to neighbors.  First we sing in our neighborhood, then we visit other places in the next evenings.  We already planned a party beforehand so the money we gathered from the caroling will be used for the food, decorations, and prizes for the games.  If there are some left, we divide the amount for ourselves.

Below are the Christmas songs we sing on our caroling, as far as I can remember.

1.  Silent Night

2.  Joy To The World

3.  Oh, Holy Night

4.  Hark The Herald Angels Sing

5.  Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

6.  We Wish You A Merry Christmas

7.  Silver Bells


Visayan Christmas Songs

1.  Kasadya ‘Ning Taknaa

2.  Ania Kami

I still have songs in mind but couldn’t utter the titles.  Anyway, I will add them in the list as soon as the titles pop up.

Oh surely I missed those times.

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