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Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies For Cough And Colds ( Momimhar posted on December 15th, 2017 )

I had a very busy week…’know why?  My darling daughter was sick for four days and I had to sub in a Kindergarten class today.

Sometimes, it is very depressing when our kids are sick.  We don’t get much sleep at night.  I myself keeps waking up checking my darling daughter’s temperature every couple of hours.  When she is coughing at night, I wake up also and try to soothe her coughing.  I feel restless.  I worry a lot.

Her congestion is not too bad this time, though.  I am relieved about that.  No severe nosebleeds either.  We are keeping ourselves as healthy as possible because of the flu season and I heard many cases of it this year.  Last winter was quite a challenge for us, health wise.

There are also absences at school due to sickness.  Teachers are getting the flu.  Some students go to school even though they are not feeling well.  They should rest at home for three days, at least, if they are coughing and running a fever.  I just feel bad hearing some kids coughing non-stop in the classroom.  🙁

Home remedies to soothe the cough and colds are not that difficult.  I always give my child freshly made lemonade or Calamansi juice daily.  At night, before going to bed, I rub Vicks Vapor Rub on her back.  I put a little amount of Petroleum Jelly in her nostrils and spray Saline Nasal Spray to keep her nose moisturized because she is prone to nosebleeds.  The linings in her nose are thin.  Our humidifier runs full blast overnight.  It helps keep the moisture in the air (humidity) in her bedroom.  My husband and I keep this routine every night diligently.  I think it is effective.

GPs vs Hospitals: Who to Call? ( Momimhar posted on August 21st, 2015 )


There are many paths you can take when you are sick; what you should do will usually differ depending on the specific circumstances you are facing. If your condition is life threatening, you need to call an ambulance. Otherwise, it can be tough to know whether the GP (General Practitioner) or the hospital is most appropriate. If you don’t know who to call in any particular situation, here are some things you should consider – stick this on your fridge or in your diary for fast access; you never know when you might need it.


The severity of your condition will be a significant indicator as to who you should call when you are sick. If you have the flu or any kind of viral or bacterial infection, you are probably better off talking to your GP, as these are relatively minor conditions. If you are suffering from more serious symptoms, such as fainting or trouble breathing, then you should definitely consider calling your local hospital.


The duration of your illness, as well as its severity, can determine who you should call or where you should go. If you are displaying symptoms that have lasted more than a week, the hospital should be your first contact. Anything before this should warrant a call to your local GP, who may be able to help you by prescribing appropriate medication.


Younger children are at greater risk of having a more severe reaction to conditions that may barely trouble teenagers or adults. If a child is sick, take into account the symptoms they are showing as well as their age. Any child that is younger than six months and seems to be displaying symptoms such as fever or vomiting should be taken to the hospital straight away.


Immediate Attention

If you require immediate attention, definitely call the hospital or try to get yourself to the emergency room as fast as possible. If you are calling on behalf of another person and you can’t move them or get them to the services they need, you can always call an ambulance to come and take care of them. Home doctor services such as Doctor To You are another option if you think your issues are not severe enough for emergency services to be called.

There are many different things you should consider before calling or visiting your GP or your local hospital, and the factors listed above are some of the more important. It can sometimes be difficult to make such a decision, especially if you are sick yourself and not functioning properly. If you are in a position where you don’t think you can make an informed decision, do not be afraid to ask a friend or family member to help you out.

Are you a GP? Alternatively, do you work at a hospital? What are the most common mistakes your patients make when deciding where to go for their particular ailments? What do you do when you have to make such a decision? Why? Leave your tips, advice and experiences in the comments section down below – your comment might just help someone else out of a pinch!

Time To Use The Humidifier ( Momimhar posted on November 15th, 2014 )



It’s Fall season.  Usually this time of year my daughter and I catches cough and colds.  The humidity is low this time of year.  Also, winter is just a few weeks ahead and we don’t want to get sick during the Holidays.  As of the moment, my darling daughter has the sniffles and cough.  The coughing is bad because it wakes her up at night.  We went to her pediatrician last week to ask what remedy she can recommend since the coughing is almost two weeks now.  She advised Mucinex Multi-symptom for kids 4 and 6 below years old.  So far, colds and the coughing are subsiding.  The medicine is taking effect.

We bought this Pro Care Humidifier last year.  I can say that it is working really well.  It blows invisible mist and the noise is not bothersome.  A full tank of water capacity lasts all day.  That means when I fully fill the tank at about nine o’clock in the evening, I am not filling it again until morning of the next day.  But I only turn the dial on the lowest setting.

In addition to the medicine, I give my daughter some warm lemonade with honey and lots of water.  She also drinks orange juice once a day.  I hope she gets well very soon.

Fever And Sore Throat ( Momimhar posted on June 23rd, 2014 )

It’s always a wonderful week for us.  Last week my mother-in-law came over for a visit for two days.  Then she went to see her other son and daughter-in-law after spending a couple of days with us.  Gladly my darling daughter was feeling well already.  She got sick-had sore throat and ran a fever two weeks ago.

It started Saturday morning.  I usually fall asleep with her in her bedroom.  That morning when I wrapped my arm around DD she was very hot.  Her temperature was very high.  So I took the thermometer and checked her temperature.  Sure she’s running a fever.  When she finally woke up, she was irritable, fussy, and complaining about her throat.  I gave her something to eat and drink for breakfast but she didn’t eat much.  She was only sipping the milk.  DD was complaining that she’s having a headache.  I gave her fever reducer and pain reliever medicine once every six hours for two days.  The medicine helped her feel better.  The fever is gone in two days.

I was very worried because she wasn’t eating very well.  So I checked her mouth and saw some irritation in her throat.  Immediately, first thing in the morning, I called her pediatrician for an appointment on Monday afternoon.  Then we saw DD’s pediatrician Monday afternoon.  The doctor said that the irritation/redness in the throat was caused by a virus.  Oh dear!  Where did DD got that?  The pedia said it’s in the air and can be from someone in public places like play areas.  The pediatrician gave me an instruction on how to treat DD’s irritated throat.  After a week, it became better and better.

I am very thankful and happy that DD is well now.  Her appetite is back and very playful.  Gladly we were able to go see Na-na, uncle G, and aunt D for a swimming party this weekend.

She Needs Plenty Of Rest ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

My little girl and I did not go to the library today.  I decided to just stay home and rest for we had a terrible week.  My darling daughter caught cough and colds again last weekend and she had fever for two days.  Sunday night her temperature went up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  My husband and I were very worried.  We barely had a good sleep because we were monitoring our little one’s temperature.  She’s complaining about her head.  We thought she was having headache.  She was having a dry cough too, which my husband thought was also the reason why she’s having a headache.

With the help of simple home remedies using humidifier, nasal spray for little kids, aromatics, pain and fever reducer for kids 2 to 6 years old, honey, and vapor rub, our little princess felt better after four days.  The fever only lasted for two days.  The headache went away as soon as the fever’s gone.  Her appetite is back and giving her daily vitamins is very important.  Although she’s still coughing now, it is not as dry as few days ago.  That means honey is taking effect.  Her body is getting rid of that nasty mucus through urination and bowel movement.


It is really hard when your child gets sick.  Our worries are to the roof.  As for me, I panic especially if my daughter’s crying a lot.  So today, we are relaxing and I am letting my little girl get plenty of rest.

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