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Keep a Humidifier Handy In Your Home ( Momimhar posted on January 9th, 2017 )

It is always during the fall and winter seasons when allergies hit my household.  I know it is normal but I admit it is very irritable.  What should we do to reduce or perhaps prevent allergies and sickness from getting worse? Stock up allergy medicines in our medicine cabinets, exercise more weekly, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water daily, and get a lot of rest whenever there’s a chance.  These are very helpful.  But winter time is not very friendly when it comes to health issues.  This is the time we get struck with common respiratory sickness like cough and colds.

Air-conditioning sometimes doesn’t help on this depending on the level of humidity inside our homes.  I am glad that the use of a humidifier can help balance the humidity level in the house.  The very first humidifier my dear husband and I bought three years ago was an invisible mist humidifier.  A couple of things I didn’t like about that one were buying filters and loud sound in the room.

I am thankful that Influenster has given me the opportunity to try Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier for free.  It was one of the amazing gifts I received in December 2016.  It came just in time because we needed a new humidifier in the house.  We haven’t had a cool mist humidifier before.

Humidifier Demineralization Cartridge (TWT500) to help prevent white dust.


Quiet operation

Easy Fill

Easy to clean


No filters needed

Requires demineralization cartridge (hard water)

Vapor pads slots


Bigger than the average-sized humidifiers

A little pricey

If you want a quiet humidifier and you don’t want to buy filters more often, I recommend Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier.  As for me and my household, this device is very helpful.  I have a child who is very sensitive to low humidity so I say this product is a keeper.


I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  

Interested in getting free product samples? click here for free sign up.

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Tips To Get Rid Of Common Colds ( Momimhar posted on June 4th, 2015 )

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C.

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C.

My darling daughter K has the sniffles.  She actually ran a fever last Friday evening that made us miss the Bible Study.  The fever quickly occurred.  She was sneezing and feeling tired Friday afternoon and that night her body temperature rose suddenly.  I didn’t sleep very well because I was monitoring her temperature.  Gladly there’s a fever and pain reliever in our cabinet.  There was a birthday invitation the next day but we didn’t go because DD was not feeling well.

On Sunday, K was feeling a little lively so we were able to attend another birthday party held on that day.  The sky cleared up which is very nice because it was raining these past two weeks already.  It was sunny and breezy.  K had a wonderful time playing with her friends.

As a parent, we worry a lot when our children gets sick.  Common colds and cough cannot be avoided because we can catch them whether we like it or not.  To get rid of it and to keep it from getting worse, an effective cold medicine and home remedies should be taken.

Home Remedies

Honey Lemon Tea – Hot water, lemon juice, honey, tea (drink every night to sooth the throat and help loosen the mucus)

Orange Juice – Drink one cup of orange daily

Warm Bath – Take a quick warm bath before bedtime to feel fresh (except if running a fever)

Sponge Bath – If you are not feeling well to take a warm bath, a sponge bath will do.  Wet a hand towel with warm water and wipe all over the body.

In addition the above mentioned home remedies, eating more fruits, vegetables, drinking more water everyday, and plenty of rest can help get rid of sickness completely.


Cold and Cough – You can buy medicine for cough and colds over the counter.  Always follow the dosage on stated on the label.

Nasal Spray – Nasal sprays are great to sooth the nasal passages.  Nasal passages can get swollen from sneezing and blowing the nose.  Nasal sprays can help moisturize and sooth them.

As of today, my darling daughter is back to her active self.  Though there still coughing here and there but she is getting better and better.  She’s healthy so sickness doesn’t stay long.

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Time To Use The Humidifier ( Momimhar posted on November 15th, 2014 )



It’s Fall season.  Usually this time of year my daughter and I catches cough and colds.  The humidity is low this time of year.  Also, winter is just a few weeks ahead and we don’t want to get sick during the Holidays.  As of the moment, my darling daughter has the sniffles and cough.  The coughing is bad because it wakes her up at night.  We went to her pediatrician last week to ask what remedy she can recommend since the coughing is almost two weeks now.  She advised Mucinex Multi-symptom for kids 4 and 6 below years old.  So far, colds and the coughing are subsiding.  The medicine is taking effect.

We bought this Pro Care Humidifier last year.  I can say that it is working really well.  It blows invisible mist and the noise is not bothersome.  A full tank of water capacity lasts all day.  That means when I fully fill the tank at about nine o’clock in the evening, I am not filling it again until morning of the next day.  But I only turn the dial on the lowest setting.

In addition to the medicine, I give my daughter some warm lemonade with honey and lots of water.  She also drinks orange juice once a day.  I hope she gets well very soon.

She Needs Plenty Of Rest ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

My little girl and I did not go to the library today.  I decided to just stay home and rest for we had a terrible week.  My darling daughter caught cough and colds again last weekend and she had fever for two days.  Sunday night her temperature went up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  My husband and I were very worried.  We barely had a good sleep because we were monitoring our little one’s temperature.  She’s complaining about her head.  We thought she was having headache.  She was having a dry cough too, which my husband thought was also the reason why she’s having a headache.

With the help of simple home remedies using humidifier, nasal spray for little kids, aromatics, pain and fever reducer for kids 2 to 6 years old, honey, and vapor rub, our little princess felt better after four days.  The fever only lasted for two days.  The headache went away as soon as the fever’s gone.  Her appetite is back and giving her daily vitamins is very important.  Although she’s still coughing now, it is not as dry as few days ago.  That means honey is taking effect.  Her body is getting rid of that nasty mucus through urination and bowel movement.


It is really hard when your child gets sick.  Our worries are to the roof.  As for me, I panic especially if my daughter’s crying a lot.  So today, we are relaxing and I am letting my little girl get plenty of rest.

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A Complete Rest Really Works When You Are Sick ( Momimhar posted on September 16th, 2012 )

Baby is feeling a little better now.  She is not irritable and the fever only lasted for one day.  Though she is still a little warm, the fever reducer medicine helped keeping it down.  Besides medicine, simple home remedies for colds like boiling water (the steam serves as dehumidifier), rubbing Vicks, healthy diet, and complete rest really work.

I remember my mother did not allow us siblings to take a bath when we are not feeling well especially when we are running a fever.  Because we do not have money to go to the doctor, we rely on over-the-counter pain relievers and medicinal plants.  She said the fever has to subside completely then we can take a bath or it will come back.  I do not know if it was a myth but I believed her.  She let us rest and relax at home.  No play time.  Even when I was a child I hated being sick.  It’s not only because I am missing things but I don’t like the feeling of being sick.

Anyway, I am invited to a party today.  There is no way I can decline so I am going.  My husband will take care of baby while I am away.  Mommies, like me, need to out sometimes too.

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