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See Your Dentist For Long Term Dental Health ( Momimhar posted on October 1st, 2015 )

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I went to my dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. It was supposed to be last Thursday but I had to reschedule because my dear husband didn’t get a day off that day.  So he watched our darling daughter this afternoon while I was away.  They went to Half Price Books Sale to buy some chapter books and kids’ books.

Still feeling groggy from being sick yesterday, I had to go and get my teeth cleaned.  I have my monthly sickness and I hate it when it comes because I am incapable of doing anything for two days.  I have to stay in a dark and quiet room, couldn’t even eat very good because I can’t keep anything down.  That’s how horrible my monthly sickness is.  Do you or someone you know feel the same way?

I have very sensitive teeth that is why going to the dentist makes me nervous.  But it is very important for us to keep our teeth and gums healthy.  And this is for long term.

I experienced having a toothache that kept me awake all night when I was a teenager.  Back home in the Philippines, we didn’t have dental care and we didn’t have insurance.  There were dental offices but we don’t go there because we couldn’t afford paying for the visits.  I was not one of those fortunate ones gifted with good set of teeth.  However, I was able to save some of mine before they’re all got rotten by eating sweets almost everyday when I was a teen.

Thank goodness to dentistry and to the person who started dental care from a long long long time ago.  🙂

Second Appointment With The Pedia Dentist ( Momimhar posted on October 13th, 2013 )

DD’s second visit to the dentist went well.  She was very behaved and quite excited to see the dentist and have her teeth cleaned.  A very curious little girl, her questions were never ending.  In the waiting room, she was just playing with the kids toys quietly-asking me questions once in a while.  She did not mess up the toys either.  When the staff called her name, she immediately stood and walked right into the patients’ room.

I was informed by the pediatric dentist ahead of time that cleaning of teeth will be done on the second visit.  I wasn’t able to schedule DD’s first visit to the dentist until she was 2.  I think she already has the understanding why she has to have her teeth checked and cleaned.  Well, actually, she is also looking forward to the goodies she will be getting after the check-up.  She is excited to get a new toothbrush and toys.


She’s very cooperative.


The moment she’s waiting for…getting the goodies.

It is very important that young kids know how to take care of their teeth to prevent tooth decay.  Proper tooth brushing and flossing should be taught.  With toddlers, adult supervision is advised.  Soft bristles on toothbrush and flouride-free toothpaste is recommended under 3 years of age.  I am very keen on age-appropriate toothbrush for my little one.


So eager to learn to brush her teeth.

After the dentist appointment, we had lunch at Chic-Fila.  The fast food restaurant has an indoor play area and I let DD play there for an hour and then we head home.

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Toddler Dental Hygiene ( Momimhar posted on May 29th, 2013 )

It was Kaye’s first dental appointment three months ago.  For some reason, we got the chance to schedule her appointment with the dentist this year.  As recommended, a child’s first visit to the dentist should be before his or her first birthday particularly six months after the first tooth break thru the gums.  This is to prevent tooth decay as the doctor informs parents ways how to take care of young ones’ teeth.

The night before the appointment, I talked to my darling daughter about getting her teeth checked by a dentist.  I told her what to do like to open her mouth wide.  And I told her to behave when we are in the dentist’s office.   The schedule was eleven o’clock in the morning.  Since she is a new patient, we arrived at the office thirty minutes early for the paper work.  While waiting, my darling daughter got herself entertained with the toddler toys at the lounge.


Toddler toys – blocks, wooden puzzles, etc.


And of course she found a book. Her favorite hobby – reading.


Very curious with the things around her including that light. So she opened her mouth wide. 🙂

My darling daughter did a great job with her first dental appointment.  I thought will get scared or fussy.  But she didn’t.  She was very cooperative.  The dentist thought she’s very smart and a very good girl.  The next appointment is in October.

We got very hungry so we ate a big lunch at Chick-Fil-A nearby.  My cousin told me that the fast food restaurant has an indoor play area.  Well, what should I expect?  My little girl got in there after eating her lunch.


Climbing up the steps.


I loved this carnation flower.


There’s a hanging car up there. 🙂

I was happy that my little girl’s teeth is healthy.  The dentist reminded me to brush her teeth in the morning and before bedtime.  In the next appointment, he’s gonna do cleaning already.

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