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Ms. Batman’s Birthday Party ( Momimhar posted on August 11th, 2013 )

My friend’s daughter turned 5  today.  Wow!  How quick the time passes and how fast she is growing.  We were invited to her birthday party held in Mesquite today.  This time, it’s in a covered venue which is in a recreation center in Mesquite.  With a high temperature of almost a hundred today, we wouldn’t be able to stand the heat outside.  And the kids could have been fussy and irritable and sweaty, too.  It’s a great idea that my friend and her husband held the birthday party indoors.

Getting to the venue was quite uneasy.  I had to drive through a couple of streets because I missed the turn.  I took the correct exit but instead of turning left, I continued driving straight which took me back to the Interstate.  What an…! Good thing the next exit is closer so I just took that and went driving in squares until I reached the destination.  Gladly we arrived on time.  Hah!

My darling daughter and I loved the theme of this pretty birthday girl.  She’s Batman!  Her outfit is Batman.  The cake and party supplies are batman.  When we arrived, DD greeted her immediately.  And I happen to hear this cute conversation:

DD: “Hi, KC! Happy birthday!”
KC: “Thank you!”
DD: “You’re wearing a costume? Are you a superhero?”
KC: “Yea, I am batman.”
DD: “Can you fly?”
KC: “Not yet.”
DD: “Oh.”

I was laughing inside myself.  I thought it was funny but cute.  Then afterward, they played ‘tag your it’.

It was a great and well-attended party. There were lots of food and dessert.  Again, DD had a wonderful time at the party.


KC is 5!


The young superhero. Happy birthday! 🙂


“Here’s my goodies, mommy.”

Thanks to my dear friend AR and family.

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