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Summer Intro Ballet Dance Show-Off ( Momimhar posted on August 8th, 2013 )

As I mentioned before, I enrolled my darling daughter in a ballet class last month and yesterday was the last day of the Summer Intro Ballet class for toddlers age 2-3.  I am very happy that our little princess gets excited about this activity and whenever I tell her it’s time to go to the dance class, she will not forget about it.  What I didn’t like during the whole period of the class was, the ballet outfit didn’t come until the last week.  My daughter could have worn it during the whole period.


Our little ballerina. 🙂

Anyway, we were told to watch the kids during the last five minutes of the session because  they will have a short dance presentation.  So the parents including me and dear husband (who came home early from work) were invited inside the dance room to watch the little ones dance.  They looked so cute in their outfits.  So adorable, indeed.  My little girl was having fun.

I am thinking of enrolling DD again for the Fall and Winter Intro Ballet dance classes.  Then they will have a recital in June of next year.  I am kinda excited.  🙂


Wall art at the dance studio.


Summer Intro Ballet dance show-off.

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