My Little Dancer ( Momimhar posted on August 12th, 2012 )

My daughter had a wonderful weekend again with cousins.  She joined her older cousins play at my brother-in-law’s house today.  After the big birthday lunch at Lucy’s Grill in Celina, we drove back to his house for a get-together and family pictorial.

Baby girl drumming

His son has a drum set and boy, my little girl loved playing those drums!  She knows how to hit the drums with the sticks.  When her older cousin played the big musical instrument, she danced and danced like she’s a member of a band.  My husband and the rest of the family were very amused because my little girl is showing interest in music and dance.  I guess she got it from me. 🙂  Her favorite dance as of the moment is ballet because there’s a cartoon called Angelina Ballerina on the Sprout channel.  Whenever she hears the opening song of the show, she starts to dance and raises her leg.  That amuses my father-in-law.

Since she was entering the 6th month, my daughter liked listening to children’s songs.  Whenever I played a children’s music CD, she wiggles and tries to dance.  Now that she is a toddler, she can sing along to some of the children’s songs.  Basically she sings with her favorites.  We are very proud because at 18 months, she can sing the ABCs already.  Though some letters in the alphabet are not yet properly pronounced, she knows the melody.  And oh, she can count now too from 1-20 (sometimes she skips the number 16).  So cute!

So whenever she and her cousins get together, it’s fun!

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