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Kids Entertainment In The Summer ( Momimhar posted on August 10th, 2012 )

There are ways to get your toddler occupied and entertained during summer.  Because it is hot and sometimes humid that we do not want to go to a community center with a mini waterpark, setting up a small splash resort in your backyard or buying a sand and water table and an inflatable pool for your toddlers is somewhat practical.  You do not have to let them play for hours.  An hour or two is enough especially of it is very hot outside.  Sunscreen with 100% UV Protection is very important to apply on you kids’ skin (even on yours too) during hot season.

I bought a sand and water table for my little princess.  She likes playing in the water and this summer I thought she might like splashing in our backyard.  I had toddler garden inflatable pool but she did not care about it.  Instead, my daughter liked getting on the sand and water table.  The water flows from a hose while she sits on there playing with the beach toys.

Truly summer is enjoyable for kids.  They get to enjoy the water and have fun with other kids’ company as they splash and play in the sun. Next year I will buy a bigger inflatable pool so my daughter and I can soak in the pool together.

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