Recreation Area At The Park ( Momimhar posted on July 7th, 2012 )

One of the important responsibilities of being a parent is to be able to give his or her child the time to enjoy recreation.  There are plenty of outdoor activities that kids enjoy in the summer.  One of them is the mini splash water park located in the city park or, for exclusive subdivisions, in the neighborhood parks.

Toddlers like my cousin’s and my own can join big girls and boys in the mini water park.  Yesterday, we visited my in-laws and they took us to the park where there is a mini water park.  The kids enjoyed splash and showers coming out of the small pipes, tiny holes in the ground, and buckets hanging on a pole.

My daughter was accompanied by her daddy because I did not bring well, I did not have my women swimwear on.  In  addition to that, I was not in the mood going to the park because of the heat until we got there.  The water was so inviting.  Anyway, my little girl enjoyed being in the water.  Though she doesn’t know what to do when the water gets on her face, I knew she had a great time.

It is one way of letting your kids become sociable and confident with the things around them.  We can observe how they react on a situation.  Even at a young age, social skills in toddlers are very essential so they know that they are a part of this world.

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