Unicorn Cake ( Momimhar posted on December 1st, 2013 )

Hello there!  It’s December once again.  That means Christmas shopping and holiday vacationing.  I love both and I look forward to doing them.  But first, it’s my darling daughter’s birthday celebration next weekend and she is turning 3.  Oh dear!  She’s growing fast, really.  Now she knows what she wants for her birthday.  She want’s a unicorn cake with a unicorn candle.  I can order a cake with a unicorn design on it but I don’t think I can find a unicorn candle.  Hahaha!

When I was surfing for birthday cakes online a couple of weeks ago, I saw a cake with a unicorn design.  I contacted the person how advertised her cakes and asked her about the ordering process.  She sent me a sheet with cake flavors, filling flavors, frosting, and …..Since this is my very first time ordering a birthday cake from a person, I just didn’t want it to be so complicated.  I guess 10 inches diameter and two-layered cake for $40 is expensive yet I still went ahead and order it.  My dear husband and I talked about having a small dinner at home celebrating our DD’s 3rd birthday with her grandparents and a few friends of ours.  I hope Patty Cakes’ cake is good.  There’s a forecast of a winter storm coming on DD’s birthday weekend and it’ll be very, very cold and icy.  Well, if no one will show up, we will still have our special dinner anyway.

Here's the cake!

Here’s the cake!

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