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Party At Friend’s New Home ( Momimhar posted on December 21st, 2013 )

My cousin and I have been attending Christmas parties since the month December came.  Last night, we went to see our friends in Benbrook (Texas) for a Christmas party hosted by one of our girl friends who recently bought a new house.  And this is the very first time we came to see her and her husband in their new place.

I didn’t expect my friend’s house would be a two storey house because when I looked around, the neighboring houses didn’t look like that.  Their house is beautiful.  It’s all carpeted in the second floor.  The got a good deal with that house.  Though she told me that there are a few things she wanted to change and replace.  As you know, my friend is very particular when it comes to home improvement.  She wants everything to be perfect.  What she and her husband do is look at satisfactory reviews on services.  And BuildDirect reviews got them interested.  Good reviews from customers always have a big impact on businesses to gain more clients.  It’s really neat that Facebook can be a tool to find businesses and service providers Build Direct.  Of course, we can find them there too http://www.facebook.com/builddirect.  So we just talked about just about anything.  From food to home improvement.  Hahaha!

Like I mentioned, only me and cousin came to the party. Our husbands and kids didn’t go with us because;

1.  my hubby’s not feeling well

2.  the weather’s not pleasant to drive because it’s raining and super foggy.  Plus, sudden temperature drop that it’s too cold for the kids to be traveling.

It was nice seeing everyone at the party.  We had lots of fun especially at the gifts exchange ‘white elephant’ style. 🙂

Gifts exchange time. :)

Gifts exchange time. 🙂

Driving wasn’t that much of a hassle except getting into some foggy areas along the way.  We arrived to our destination and got home safe and sound despite of the heavy fog.

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