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Lovely Christmas Presents :) ( Momimhar posted on December 25th, 2013 )

This is the very first time that our family spend Christmas in our home.  And this is the first time darling daughter will open presents from family, godparents, friends, and Santa.  She was very anxious since two weeks ago.

Last night, on Christmas Eve, she opened presents given to her by my girl friends.  DD was very happy to receive an iTikes (also can be used with iPad), art set, toys, and clothing especially outfits from her ninang Rose of Kids E-Connection.  My gift to DD was called the ‘secret’-a family fishing game.  I called it secret because I bought the item while we were shopping last week at a toy store.  She didn’t see it until we were getting in the car.  She saw the box in the shopping bag.  And then she asked me questions like what’s in the bag and stuff.  So I told her it’s a secret.  I wrapped the fishing game toy two days before Christmas Eve and she has been asking me if she can open the ‘secret’.  So funny.

But before dinner, a neighbor came over and brought us a basket of fruits with a greeting card.  It’s so sweet of them to come and wish us happy holidays.  I gave them a photo greeting card and wish them season’s greetings in return.


A fruit basket with a greeting card from the neighbor.

After eating a special dinner for Christmas or Noche Buena, opening presents came next.  DD and I were very happy with the gifts we received from Santa.  😉

This outfit is from godmother (ninang) Rose.

This outfit is from godmother (ninang) Rose.

A present from her godparents Al and June.

A present from her godparents Al and June.

How about you?  What did you get for Christmas?


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