4th Of July At Home ( Momimhar posted on July 4th, 2013 )

As usual, we had a family get-together again on this very special occasion.  The grandparents, aunt, and uncle came over to celebrate with us.  Also, our darling daughter’s godparents and family came over too.  We are very happy that they were able to join and shoot fireworks  with us this year’s 4th of July.

My darling daughter was very happy to see everyone.  She loves company.  Her godmother’s daughter, Lauren, kept her busy for a bit while we were getting the food ready.  The guys went out to buy fireworks.  My cousin and her family weren’t able to join us because she and the kids already had plans for today.

We had a bunch of food this evening.  My DD’s godmother brought my favorite dish, Kare-Kare and brisket.  My sister-in-law brought some cookies and brownies for dessert.  My mother-in-law brought Strawberry Shortcake.  My dear husband and I made some green beans with bacon, fried catfish fillet, potato salad, and garden salad.


My favorite firework. Fountain. It’s loud and super bright.


Lighting up some sparkles.


DD’s sparkler.


Happy 4th of July!!!  Her outfit.


Yay! Sparklers!


DD ran to her chair when she heard loud ka-booms.


She loved watching the fireworks. But scared with the loud sounds. So aunt covered her ears.

We all had a great time.  It is always nice to shoot fireworks on the 4th of July.

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