Toy Hunt: Princess Castle (Needs Assembly) ( Momimhar posted on July 6th, 2013 )

I saw a nice Princess Castle assembly toy for my darling daughter.  I thought it would be a great assembly toy that will interest her put the pieces together to build a castle.  This was sold on an online garage sale and the pick up location was about 15 minutes drive from my house.  The seller was selling it for $40 and I offered to buy for $20.  She agreed. So this nice assembly toy is ours and my darling daughter will enjoy playing with this for a few years.


The pink Princess Castle. 🙂

Since I took this home, my darling daughter and I had so much fun.  She likes assembling and putting things together.  We put a blanket over it and pretend we’re camping and it’s our tent.  Those pink bars are made of foam so they bend easily.  The connectors help the bars stuck together.  When fully assembled, it’s about six or seven feet long.  So it’s a good size.

I am still figuring out how much this thing’s retail price brand new.  I couldn’t think of it’s brand and name.  Then I couldn’t find the sellers private message in my inbox anymore.  It’s pretty, isn’t it?  I think so, too.  It’s a job assembling it but it’s fun.  The little one enjoys crawling in and out of there.  🙂

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