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Does Hiring A Tutor Has An Advantage To Kids’ Learning? ( Momimhar posted on July 30th, 2013 )

Niece and nephews will be having their first periodical examinations in school next month.  My sister and my sister-in-law are getting busy in preparing their kids to review the lessons.  I can say that my niece and nephews study hard but there is some topics that they needed more understanding and comprehension.  Math, for example, is difficult.  Some kids comprehend very quickly.  Others don’t.  And some are in average skills – where I believe my bright bundles belong.

I talked to my sister about hiring a tutor for her kids.  Of course, the tutorial fee will add to their family’s monthly expenses.  But I thing it’ll help the kids well.  My sister and her husband haven’t came up to a decision yet.  They are still working on stretching their budget.

I would really like to have a tutor for my niece and nephews to help them on their assignments and reviews.  It is a great advantage having a tutor teaching kids more on the subject matter and catching up missed lessons.  I wish I am there to help them with their assignments or lessons.  I say, I worked as a tutor as a sideline job when I was single.  My niece and nephews were little at that time.

Gladly, the kids are really enthusiastic.  They enjoy school and participates in class activities and discussions.  Also, the important thing is that, they get high  grades in quizzes and tests.  Hopefully, they’ll do great this year too.

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