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Christmas Eve And Family Gathering Plus A Barbie Dream House Doll House ( Momimhar posted on December 25th, 2014 )

Candle-lighting in the church during the worship service.  Christmas Eve 2014

Candle-lighting in the church during the worship service. Christmas Eve 2014

Merry Christmas!  How was your day?  Ours was great.  Celebrating the Holidays at our folks’ place is always nice.  Lots of food and fun company.  The kids had a blast opening their Christmas presents last night.  And my darling daughter got something very nice.

But before all of that, we attended the worship service on Christmas Eve.  The kids, especially DD, paid attention and joined the singing during the service.  Like last year, all the children who were at the service were given a special memento.  It’s an ornament of different designs made with small white and gold beads.  My daughter was so happy.

When we got home after the worship service, we had a great Christmas Eve dinner.  As always, mom cooked delicious food.  The anxious girls and boys couldn’t wait to open their gifts. 🙂

"I wonder which ones are mine?"

“I wonder which ones are mine?” – K

Well, we didn’t let them wait too long so we went ahead with the opening presents.  Mom and Dad gave them a system in opening their gifts – from the youngest to the eldest grandchild.  Like I mentioned, Kaye received something special from her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  It was the biggest gift wrapped on the left.  It was a great Christmas Eve.

We helped daddy with the assembly. :)

We helped daddy with the assembly. 🙂

Kaye was very happy and excited about her new Barbie Dream House Dollhouse.  She wanted to play with it last night but my husband said we’ll assemble it at home and she can play with it when we get home.

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Christmas Party 2013 ( Momimhar posted on December 13th, 2013 )

The Fil-Am Christmas Party was great.  This is the first time my darling daughter attended such party and I can say that she had a wonderful time.  She and her cousin Audrey were anxious to see Santa at the party that as soon as we enter the community center, they asked “Where is Santa?”.

But before that, we fried the lumpia at my cousin’s house this afternoon.  Also, we brought our stuff and had ourselves dressed there, too.  To speed up the frying of the lumpia, we used two deep pots.  Sure enough it saved us 30 minutes.  So we had a bit more time getting ready and do our make-up for the Christmas party.

Deep-frying the lumpia in these pots. :)

Deep-frying the lumpia in these pots. 🙂

Spring rolls (lumpia).  Yummy!

Spring rolls (lumpia). Yummy!

We dressed up the girls.  They look very pretty in their Holiday dresses.  My cousin and I curled our hair for a change.  🙂  The two girls were very happy to know that Santa will be at the party.

Although we arrived a few minutes late, we did not miss the start of the program.  The little ones were able to join the games and they got to see Santa, too.  The party coordinators gave away presents for the kids.  Oh, they’re so happy.  My darling daughter got a doll and a toy cell phone from Santa.

DD received a new doll from Santa.

DD received a new doll from Santa.

As soon as Santa appears, the kids rushed to the front and these two little girls gave him hugs first. :)

As soon as Santa appears, the kids rushed to the front and these two little girls gave him hugs first. 🙂

When dance music played, the kids

She’s happy to see familiar faces.

The mommies. ;) I love these girls.

The mommies. 😉 I love these girls.

4th Of July At Home ( Momimhar posted on July 4th, 2013 )

As usual, we had a family get-together again on this very special occasion.  The grandparents, aunt, and uncle came over to celebrate with us.  Also, our darling daughter’s godparents and family came over too.  We are very happy that they were able to join and shoot fireworks  with us this year’s 4th of July.

My darling daughter was very happy to see everyone.  She loves company.  Her godmother’s daughter, Lauren, kept her busy for a bit while we were getting the food ready.  The guys went out to buy fireworks.  My cousin and her family weren’t able to join us because she and the kids already had plans for today.

We had a bunch of food this evening.  My DD’s godmother brought my favorite dish, Kare-Kare and brisket.  My sister-in-law brought some cookies and brownies for dessert.  My mother-in-law brought Strawberry Shortcake.  My dear husband and I made some green beans with bacon, fried catfish fillet, potato salad, and garden salad.


My favorite firework. Fountain. It’s loud and super bright.


Lighting up some sparkles.


DD’s sparkler.


Happy 4th of July!!!  Her outfit.


Yay! Sparklers!


DD ran to her chair when she heard loud ka-booms.


She loved watching the fireworks. But scared with the loud sounds. So aunt covered her ears.

We all had a great time.  It is always nice to shoot fireworks on the 4th of July.

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