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I am very happy to know that the package full of birthday and belated Christmas gifts arrived in good condition a week ago.  What a great treat for Mother’s Day for my mother, sister, and sister-in-law too.  They all got what they requested from me. 🙂  I miss them and everybody in the family so much.

I sent my Mother’s Day greetings to them the other night.  Then my husband and I prepared a small dinner at home with the company of close friends.  We had a great time catching up.  Though my cousin and her daughter were not able to come, my little girl had a wonderful time playing with our friend’s young daughter.  They brought their two poodle dogs and she was very anxious to pet them.

Mother's Day balloon, flowers, and greeting cards

Hhmm…I guess butterflies and blue are the theme for my Mother’s Day celebration this year.  I just noticed.

Giving your moms bouquet of flowers is not always late.  Appreciating all the things they do should not only remembered on this special day.  It has to be all the time. Because a mother’s job is the most difficult task in the world, she should be rewarded by appreciation – helping in the house, a treat somewhere nice, and other gestures that show how much we care for her.  Moms are the ones who take care of the family while dads are gone to work.

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