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Motherhood Is A Special Task ( Momimhar posted on May 4th, 2012 )

To me, motherhood begins in pregnancy.  Why?  Because the moment a woman knows that she is expecting, the responsibility of being a mother is on her shoulders.  From the beginning of the pregnancy, a mom-to-be takes care of herself and the baby in her womb.  It is a life changing moment.  The future of the family especially of the child is starting to become the priority.

Motherhood is a special task that God gave women.  One of the most difficult job in the world and no money can compare. It is full of challenges and heartaches as parenthood progresses.  But what makes it rewarding is that when we see our children grow and become good individuals with love and respect with others.  The credits are given to the parents.

Being a mother does not only revolves around the house.  A mother also provides emotional strength to her children. Thus, when struggles comes, she has to have the inner-strength to continue holding on to the values that the family is keeping.  The mother and the father should agree in any decision-making.  Her ideas, opinion, and advice are part of the responsibility that she carries on her hands to maintain the harmony in the family.

So, in my opinion a mother is born when a woman learns that she’s expecting.

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