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Capturing Baby’s Precious Moments ( Momimhar posted on May 6th, 2012 )

Whenever I get the chance I took pictures of my little princess especially when she does tricks and silly things that are precious.  I am sending pictures of my daughter periodically to my family back home.  We do not do video chat more often so sending recent pictures through email gives them the idea of how my little one is growing, and to see her in different kinds of mood and occasion.

I had taken lots of photos from the day she was born.  I print copies once in a while but haven’t done recently.  My schedules are very occupied.  I already used three SD memory cards for the pictures.  I do not have a flash drive to store all photos in my computer.  So if it catches a virus again (heaven forbid), I had no defenses.  My husband said he’ll buy me a flash drive for my baby pictures.  That would be awesome.

For taking everyday photos, I only use Canon digital camera that my husband gave me on my birthday three years.  And, I think, it’s due for upgrade. Now that I have a wireless printer, a higher end of digital camera is in my wishlist.  Hopefully, Santa will grant my wish on Christmas so taking pictures with my little one will be more enjoyable.

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