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We Enjoy Bonding Time ( Momimhar posted on May 29th, 2012 )


Daddy had a three-day weekend for the Memorial Day holiday.  I like it when my husband is home because I love his presence in the house and, our daughter gets to bond with the two of us.

Before noon yesterday, we went to town and checked if there’s a ceremony going on at the park.  I guess we were late because the people were packing up their equipment.  So we just walked around and saw kittens to be given away for free.  Well, the kittens were cute but I don’t like the colors.  In addition, we are not ready for a pet right now.  Then we played a bit at the park’s playground.  My little girl and I got on the swing for a few minutes despite of the heat of the sun.  She liked it though.

Then for our dinner date, we went to Golden Corral in McKinney.  My husband and I love eating in a restaurant who serves buffet like Golden Corral.  He got a huge salad first.  I went ahead and got myself some rice, pot roast, veggies, fried chicken, and rolls.  I love their dinner rolls.  I hope I can make bread at home that tastes like that.  We were so full when we got out of the restaurant, as usual.

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