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Social Butterfly ( Momimhar posted on May 15th, 2012 )

Baby and I went to the mall today to meet a friend who bought the Evenflo Exersaucer.  Yes, I sold the exersaucer because my toddler does not even car to play with it anymore.  Even so, she is big for it now.

I sold this Exersaucer to a friend.

An exersaucer is a great toy for infants because they can practice standing and entertain themselves at the same time with the toys around it.  It helps develop the sensory and motor skills.  They can even jump in the saucer to develop the strength of the leg muscles.

As soon as I posted this for sale, my friend showed interest immediately and so I sold it to her.  She has three kids – a young girl, a toddler boy, and an infant little boy.  We met up at the mall in Plano because it is the only place half way both to our homes.

After that, I let my little girl play in the soft play area in the mall for an hour.  Oh she really enjoyed climbing, sliding, and crawling under the tunnels.  She even met new friends again.  That’s the fun part of seeing our children meeting other kids because they start to become sociable.  Well, my husband said that our little girl is becoming a social butterfly.

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