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Play Date Schedule ( Momimhar posted on June 30th, 2013 )

My cousin and I scheduled every Thursdays as play dates for our little ones.  We picked this day because we felt like it’s our ‘free’ day of the week.  Either we meet at her house or mine, we make sure that our girls have a play time together.  Sometimes we go to a friend’s house also.  Our friend has three girls and she liked us visiting them once in while for play dates.  Ours are toddlers so they’re a mess.  🙂  Well, it’s all girls playing together so expect some screaming and crying here and there.

When my darling daughter and I went to my cousin’s house one Thursday, we made some egg pies as dessert for later.  For lunch, my cousin heated up some Broccoli beef.  But she didn’t heat it up in the microwave.  She told me that their microwave oven is broken.  She and her family just moved in their new house not even a year now and something’s wrong with the kitchen equipment already.  I thought they would need to get new microwave parts to get it fixed.

As usual, the little ones had fun playing and we, the moms, enjoyed chatting and catching up.  The lunch was great and the egg pies were delicious!  We’ll definitely bake some egg pies again.  Next play date will be at our friend’s house next week.

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Indoor And Outdoor Activities For Young Children ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

We skipped the Story Time today because I want my little daughter to get a day of rest.  I mean, we didn’t do any traveling today.  It’s windy and chilly outside this morning.  Though we stayed home all day, we did some indoor and outdoor activities.

Play-Doh Time – My darling daughter is already interested in playing with Play-Doh.  She enjoys mashing, rolling, and squeezing the modelling compound.  There are tools included in her Play-Doh kit.  So she can make shapes, mold pattern and objects.  In this activity, she will be able to develop creativity and use her imagination in constructing.

Play-Doh time on the high chair.

Play-Doh time on the high chair.

Reading – My daughter loves it when we read storybooks.  She couldn’t get enough of them.  The library is one of her favorite places to hang out.  Well because there is a children’s computer where she can try Dora games.  Also, there’s a play area for infants and toddlers in the kids section in the library.  She enjoyed interacting with other young children there as they play.  When we are at home, we read storybooks and activity books.  She likes look and find, touch and feel, and push-button musical story books.

Baking – Sometimes when the weather is not cooperating and no errands to do, my little princess and I bake cupcakes or a cake.  She likes to help.  She’s my little helper in the kitchen.

Swing is fun!

Swing is fun!

 Swing – Whenever we go outdoors, she never fails to ride on her swing.  She has so much fun with it.

Blowing Bubbles – I always have a bubbles available because my little girl sometimes wants to blow bubbles, chase them, and pop them.  Also, it keeps her busy whenever I am doing tasks in the garage or in the garden.

Watering the plants – In the summer or whenever it’s warm, we go outside to water.  She has her own pail and watering can.  She loves playing in the water, too.

Walking – A pleasant day is always an ideal time to go for a walk.  My daughter and I do this in the mornings or late afternoons.  Saying hi to the neighbors we see along the way.  Also, it’s a good exercise at the same time.

So there’s some of our indoor and outdoor activities on ordinary days.  We make it fun as much as we can.  Specially, spending time together and making it enjoyable and learning is the most important.

How about you?

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Strawberry Cake With Chocolate Frosting ( Momimhar posted on January 16th, 2012 )

The day my little princess turned 1, I baked a strawberry cake for her.  I invited my cousin and her daughter to come over and celebrate.  I also asked her help to decorate and prepare the kids’ loot bags for the party on the weekend.

I was not really good at baking cakes because I was never interested in my Home Economics class in high school.  But once in a while, I tried baking a cake or muffins when I feel like it. 🙂  Now that I have a little girl, there will be more baking to come.

And so here’s the cake…

the mix

the mixing process

 Happy 1st Birthday!

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