Benefiting In Our Vegetable Garden ( Momimhar posted on November 2nd, 2009 )

Our vacation to the Philippines this year was on a rainy season. October seemed very tough for the people there because the country was hit by big typhoons. Even so, Filipinos still managed to strive despite of difficulties.One of the main sources of living in the Philippines is farming. Filipinos are skilled farmers. Cultivating lands for planting crops is very important in every day living. The simplest way is gardening. My family in the Philippines loves planting. We have a small vegetable garden in front of the house. The vegetable garden has sorts of plants like fruits, vegetables, and herbal plants. If we want to eat green leafy veggies for lunch, my parents will pick some in the garden.

Over the years, our garden is not very organized. Maybe because of the small space in front of the house. But my father will start doing some changes. This year, he wants to make plots. And we noticed that he does not have garlic in the garden. Good timing. I saw in an article that, “November is the month to plant garlic.” ‘Will give it a try. It would be very nice to plant garlic so we do not have to buy them in the market.

Gardening is fun. It will not only give you the benefits of nature but it will also gives you the feeling of satisfaction as you tend and harvest crops in your vegetable garden. Just refer to gardening tips you can find in gardening articles online and you will be successful.

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  1. maritz says:

    my mom -in-law is a vegetarian.. nice site

  2. wondermomsworld says:

    sure. we can xlink. Just ping me up if you fininshed to add my link. God bless.

  3. Jona says:

    we have a garden and have harvested ampalaya, squash, basil, tomatoes and spring onions. all organic =D

    here’s one lovely blog award for you. thanks!

  4. emie says:

    i love garden but i do not have enough space right we are not living in a residential house…we are here in a condo. I am bugging my husband to move to a regular house but of course we are waiting for our finances to get stable. Yes we could exchange links ill add u now pls notify me when ur done adding ok..thank u

  5. mothercares says:

    i love gardening too when i was in the province

  6. josie says:

    it's really nice to have your own veggie garden.
    link my other site too!

  7. psycha says:

    Sure for ex link…I have already added you in my blog roll. Please do the same

  8. Jenny says:

    hi…added you already…do the same and message me back..thanks

  9. DebbieDana says:

    I love gardening too…both here and way back home in the Philippines!

    Debbie 🙂

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