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Getting LED Grow Lights ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

LED lights are important when it comes to growing plants indoors and keeping up with your hydroponics. Research to find out which hydroponics and grow lights are needed for your set-up. Do you know what kind of led grow lights your hydroponics needs? After selecting the grow tent of your choice, the grow lights are equally as important. You can find LED lights and many other options at

Hydroponics is basically growing plants without soil, but still using water and nutrients or whatever ends up being chosen. There are tons of helpful nutrients that you can add to your plants that will be able to help you grow more efficiently and safely. Some of the nutrients that are available include tons of different hybrid mixes and whatnot that were formulated to help with the growth and health of your plants. Some mixes are only a dollar each, which means it’s very easy to keep your plants growing and happy! Some would recommend the “Organic Feeder” which would mix nicely with most plants, no matter what you are growing. LA shop Hydroponics has been BBB accredited since 2011 and is thrilled to keep serving its thriving customer base. Specializing in garden and plant life, LA shop Hydroponics will surely help you create a garden that is easy to maintain and serves you well.


Tons of indoor gardening supplies are available as well as quality grow tents and lights that will help any aspiring indoor gardener to get started. From organic to aeroponic and many other types of indoor gardening, you can be sure to find everything you need from LA shop. Hydroponics isn’t hard at all and anyone who is curious should read a little bit more on it and see just how easy it is! After you have all the supplies set up, it’s really only a matter of maintaining. LED lights are very important when it comes to growing plants and indoors and you will want to make sure that you not only have a great quality brand, but that they are the right strength as well.

How Growing Your Own Food Can Save Money ( Momimhar posted on September 18th, 2012 )

Over the last few years, growing your own food has become a popular money saving hobby, and also a way to eat healthier. In fact, Michelle Obama even created a White House Vegetable Garden to showcase how easy it is to grow your own food that you can eat at your dinner table. Here is how growing your own food can save money.

The biggest reason that growing your own food saves money is that you can get a ton of food for the price of seeds – which is typically pennies. For example, you can get a packet of lettuce seed for $1. That packet will give you 8 to 10 heads of lettuce, which would normally retail for $8 to $10. That is a 10x return on your investment!

Even better is planting a fruit tree or a plant that yields each year – like
strawberries. You just plant these crops once, and you will get fruit and vegetables every year for life!

There Are Startup Costs

However, it is important to remember that starting a vegetable garden has startup costs. If you don’t have a place already setup, you’re going to have to build a planter, get soil, setup water, and more. There are cheap and easy ways to build planters, but you can easily have several hundred dollars in expenses getting started.

Furthermore, growing your own food is a labor of love – it does take time, and the time you investment may cost you more than what you could have spent just buying food at the store. Keep that in mind when you get started.

Other Ways to Save

If those cost sound daunting, there are many other ways to save on groceries. For example, you could cut coupons or use Net Voucher Codes to get discounts on your food purchases at the store. This may be a more feasible option because there is no time commitment involved.

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Benefiting In Our Vegetable Garden ( Momimhar posted on November 2nd, 2009 )

Our vacation to the Philippines this year was on a rainy season. October seemed very tough for the people there because the country was hit by big typhoons. Even so, Filipinos still managed to strive despite of difficulties.One of the main sources of living in the Philippines is farming. Filipinos are skilled farmers. Cultivating lands for planting crops is very important in every day living. The simplest way is gardening. My family in the Philippines loves planting. We have a small vegetable garden in front of the house. The vegetable garden has sorts of plants like fruits, vegetables, and herbal plants. If we want to eat green leafy veggies for lunch, my parents will pick some in the garden.

Over the years, our garden is not very organized. Maybe because of the small space in front of the house. But my father will start doing some changes. This year, he wants to make plots. And we noticed that he does not have garlic in the garden. Good timing. I saw in an article that, “November is the month to plant garlic.” ‘Will give it a try. It would be very nice to plant garlic so we do not have to buy them in the market.

Gardening is fun. It will not only give you the benefits of nature but it will also gives you the feeling of satisfaction as you tend and harvest crops in your vegetable garden. Just refer to gardening tips you can find in gardening articles online and you will be successful.

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