Win A Dora the Explorer 9 Bin Toy Organizer ( Momimhar posted on November 10th, 2009 )

If you are tired of looking at the cluttered toys inside your kids’ bedroom, you should find a solution to this problem. A toy organizer would be a the best thing to get for ’em. Want to get it for free? Join Mommy Journey’s Dora the Explorer 9 Bin Toy Organizer Giveaway.

Visit the link, and follow the instructions. It is a pretty cute toy organizer. I am sure your kids will love it.

You might get the chance to win and this could be the answer to the cluttered toys in the house 🙂 The contest ends on November 15, so join in!

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  1. Chris says:

    thanks for joining!

  2. Jac says:

    Hello…I'm here to grab your link sis thanks for the visit…

  3. jenie says:

    truly glad for your visit,and will be ecstatic for a comment 😉 visit and link back soon

  4. imelda says:

    my kids are grown ups now so i dont have any prob with toy cluttered around the house. this is a nice organizer

  5. psycha says:

    hi Marly. Thanks for the visit. Yes i have already added you long time ago. link mo na lang din ako ha?

  6. mothercares says:

    this is good for mothers who have young kids.

  7. khaye says:

    Hi marly,thanks for the visit. yap done adding you. hope you can add me too.

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