I Want Something To Get My Mind Into Besides Taking Care Of Baby ( Momimhar posted on June 24th, 2012 )

Even though it has been more than a year since delivery, I still feel the symptoms of baby blues.  Well, I cannot tell if this is some kind of a depression.  But I feel down, moody, irritable, and tired.  My husband keeps telling me to take it easy and do not let this issue affect my baby especially if she is not behaving sometimes.

Being a mother is difficult especially if it’s for the first time.  Lots of patience, love, cooking abilities, and recreation ideas are needed to be able to care for baby.  I had to quit my job so I can take care of my daughter full time.  I guess that’s what I needed, getting back to work.

If I do go back to work, where do I start?  I mean, where can I apply for one?  I worked in retail before.  Hopefully, if my husband permits, I can get a job in one of the retail stores close by.  Part-time would be fine with me.  Besides earning money, I want something to get my mind into. My daughter is growing fast each day and I want to start saving for her future.  I know that my husband can provide but I want to help him…you know what I mean?

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