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Age Appropriate Toys For Babies And Toddlers ( Momimhar posted on June 15th, 2012 )

I have gone shopping recently.  I bought baby new toys and books.  She is 18 months now and she is ready for bigger toys.  Age appropriate toys are a good guide to baby’s and toddler’s development.  Every stage has different types of entertainment toys such as bouncers, musical walkers, play gym and the like.

Babies at 18 months already knows how to explore even tiny pieces of things they see on the floor.  they are even ready to play with simple puzzles.  Toddlerhood is the stage where kids are testing our patience as parents.

My toddler started walking at nine months, so her grandparents gave her a musical walker.  She enjoyed riding and playing music in that.  The moment she began climbing out of the walker, I took it away.  My little girl is so mobile that she is ready for a toy car or a cozy coupe.  I had to order online because the toy store is like an hour away from our house.  Cheaper price online with free shipping?  Who can beat that?

My daughter enjoys riding in her cozy coupe.  She rides in it whenever I go walking in the morning with her.  Or even just a stroll around the house, she drives the cozy coupe while I push.

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