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Party 3-in-1 ( Momimhar posted on June 17th, 2012 )

Birthday and baby shower cakes

We were invited to parties today – a birthday and two baby showers.  My friend is expecting her third baby girl.  Her second daughter turns 1 today.  Then her cousin is also expecting for a baby boy.  They decided to hold the parties a one-time event.

My toddler enjoyed the company of the other kids at the party.  She liked the stairs.  I did not let her climb by herself because it’s high staircase.  My friend’s daughters have their own bedroom upstairs that she and her husband made a playroom because her girls are sleeping with them downstairs.  My little girl had fun getting on their toys.

When it was time for the Pinata, my daughter joined the kids pulling the string off the Pinata.  Though she did not get the string that opens it, she excitedly picked the goodies fallen on the floor.  It was fun!

Grabbing goodies from the Pinata.

Next was the baby showers.  We played baby shower games.  I did win the Guess The Scrambled Words, but I won the What’s In The Diaper game.  The price is a beach towel.  Great!  Now I have a new beach towel to take to our beach vacation.

It was a nice party.  The cakes were delicious and the food was great.

I won a beach towel at a baby shower party.

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