It Was A Heartbreaking Event ( Momimhar posted on November 24th, 2011 )

Today is the first anniversary of my parents’ house horrible demolition.  The neighbors’ who conspired on this incident last year are currently struggling on defending themselves against each other.  They knew, ever since, that it was not right.  But still, they continued and stepped on other people’s rights.  My parents’ rights.

It was a heartbreaking event for us.  My sister called me crying…letting me know that those bastards were tearing down my parents’ house!  I was nine months pregnant and close to my due date.  I was crying hysterically!  My husband begged me not to become so emotional because of my condition.  It was difficult to be calm – thinking that my family was struggling with desperation that day because of other people’s jealousy and greediness!  What’s worse?  These people are their neighbors.

My parents have slowly recovered from that horrible incident.  Although they still mentioned about it in some of our conversations, it is just normal.  They were depressed and sad.  But it’s over now.  My parents found a place where they can start again.  Few months after that incident, those neighbors got a bad karma.

God is watching.  He never let the oppressed down.  We always pray that God will keep my family strong in times of crisis.

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