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Celebrity Baby Names ( Momimhar posted on December 29th, 2011 )

Where do I start with this one? There are so many weird ones I could just sit here and complete and entire paragraph of strange and ill fitting monikers. I got started on this topic the other day on E! on They were talking about how there are new celebrity baby bumps in Hollywood. The anchors were making bets on the weird names that the celebs will inevitably choose for their offspring. We will start with Bronx. This is the love child of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. Bronx is a burough in New York people and not necessarily one of the better ones. This is not a baby name. Next we have Romeo, David and Posh’s little lad. Although he is quite adorable don’t you think all the kids on the playground will be making fun of him once they hear about Romeo and Juliet? Ok last but not least we have Sunday Rose. This is the child of actress Nicole Kidman and country star Keith Urban. Let’s break this down people. Sunday is a day of the week ok? Not a thing to name your kid because it might have happened to be born on that day. So every time someone says, “hey Mike, when are you going to the game?” and he replies, “Sunday,” your poor little unsuspecting daughter will turn around thinking he is speaking to her.

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The Kids Sang A Christmas Song For Us ( Momimhar posted on December 28th, 2011 )

My Holiday season is not complete without hearing from my family back home.  Hubby and I called home on Christmas Eve and said our holiday greetings to everyone.  My siblings and their kids just arrived from the Midnight Mass.  Kids were so loud in the background while I was talking to my mom.

The I asked the kids if they can sing a Christmas song to us like they did before.  Well, guess what, my niece and nephews sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.  I think that’s really sweet.  Hubby was happy hearing them sing.

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More Gifts For Baby ( Momimhar posted on December 26th, 2011 )

On Christmas day, we just hung out with my husband’s parents in their home.  My daughter loves being with her Na-na so much.  The played and played.  She follows her grandma even in the kitchen.  We all had a wonderful time on Christmas.

We arrived home at about 5:30 P.M. today.  My little girl and I continued opening the Christmas gifts from friends.  Besides gifts from the grandparents, aunts, and cousins, she got a set of Sesame Street mini-books from us.  That’s what was in the gift bag.

Christmas gift from mama and daddy

Then I helped her open the big box.  My husband and I were curious what’s in it.  To our surprise, it is a small  trike.  My dear friend gave my daughter a small trike!  Cool.  She can play and ride it when she gets a bit older.

Pink Trike from tita D

new stacking rings from tita N

My husband assembled the trike right after we opened the box.  Though she does not know how to pedal yet, my little one enjoys climbing and sitting on it for now.

Riding the trike backwards

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