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Pretty Much Set For The Birthday Party ( Momimhar posted on November 8th, 2011 )

Sweet baby girl is getting a fast pace on walking now.  She pulls up quick and comes to me in fast steps.  When she gets tired, she crawls really fast too.  I am a very proud mommy because she can pronounce a few words already too.  But sometimes I still have to repeat them to her so she can speak them right.

As DD’s birthday gets closer, I have decided to give her a party.  My cousin will lend me some extra chairs.  One of our friends will make three dishes for the guests.  DD’s godmother said she will bring chairs also.  And my husband will borrow a table from his office.  I am not decorating fancy.  I will just cut out a few number ones from colored papers and I will buy a 1st birthday decor from the grocery store.  Then I’m pretty much set.

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