Shopping For Baby Furniture ( Momimhar posted on August 15th, 2011 )

I cherish every moment with my little princess.  We enjoy playing, singing, dancing, reading, and talking every single day.  Sometimes, I feel exhausted because she is so active that my energy is consumed.  When it happens, we sit down on the chair beside her play pen.  She plays with the chair headrest while I relax.

My baby girl is growing fast.  She is starting to talk with me, like we are having conversation.  So cute listening to her jabbers and yells.  My husband adored our little princess so much.  Before we know it, she will grow into a toddler soon.  He is thinking of buying our daughter her own bed set and furniture with natural wood dresser.  Though it is too soon to think about it, I am somehow excited on picking the best furniture for my baby’s room.  At, a wide selection of nursery furniture is available and with huge discount offer.  I am already watching a set of furniture and I hope they are still available for me when the time comes we want to buy them.

Another thing is that, we have an open yard.  And when the time comes my daughter can walk and run, we need to secure the area.  My husband doesn’t like idea of fencing the backyard but he has no choice.  Willow fencing rolls might look nice at the far end of the yard so to keep the animals away.

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