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Tips To Create Delightfully Decorated Cakes ( Momimhar posted on December 6th, 2015 )

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Cake decorating is a rewarding hobby or full-time job. The cake decorator’s results and proficiency are easy to see. The right decorating supplies, along with the decorator’s techniques or finishing touches, make the difference. Adding roses, fondant accents, and borders to the cake takes a delicious confection to the next level.

The art of cake decorating and cake design have become more popular as millions of TV viewers watch master bakers and designers perform. Cake buyers want special design and customization when they order birthday or celebration cakes. Home bakers can also learn cake decorating to delight family and friends. Cake decorating supplies in Michigan are essential to novices and expert cake decorators.

Use the following tips to create delightfully decorated cakes:

Tip #1: Buy and use spatulas. Spatulas are a must when preparing a perfect cake for decoration. Cake crumbs on the surface can ruin the appearance of the most perfectly smooth icing.

Remove the cooled baked cake from the pan using a small spatula. Brush crumbs from the top. Add four tablespoons of corn syrup for a layer or larger cake to thin the icing. To ice or frost the cake, use the icing spatula to quickly spread the icing. Do not press the icing into the cake to avoid any crumbs.

Tip #2: Make swirls. Creating swirls adds a simple but fancy appearance to the cake. Hold an icing-filled decorating bag with desired tip at a 90 degree angle about 1/4th inch from the cake surface. Start at the outer rim of the cake and work in an inward direction. To add visual interest, pipe a second spiral on top of the first.

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Tip #3: Write on the cake. Adding a name or phrase to the iced cake adds a speech touch. Fill the decorating bag about half full with thin icing. Select and attach the decorating tip. Don’t point the tip down towards the cake: elevate it a bit and use steady pressure to create a steady line.

Allow the decorative icing to drop onto the iced surface and then pull the tip away. Before writing another word, check the decorating tip and clean it to ensure best results.


Cake decorating is a fun and enjoyable way to make celebrations even more special. Consider taking a cake decorating class to more quickly master the art of cake decoration.

Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day ( Momimhar posted on April 16th, 2015 )

What a great week.  I am back to my part time job as an after-school babysitter.  My friend came back to work this month after three months of leave.  Isn’t that awesome?  To have a leave that long is very relaxing I think.  So I didn’t have work for three months, too. I just stayed home with my little girl and tried my best to do some organization in the house.  It wasn’t very successful actually. Not much done…I don’t know. The days passed by so quickly that before I knew, it’s April already.

Anyway, it’s my wedding anniversary month.  My husband and I went on a weekend getaway to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  It didn’t seem that long to me.  I still remember my wedding day.  It was a chilly day. 🙂  I was wearing a halter wedding gown and it was half open in the back so I was shivering during the ceremony.  If I had an idea how cool the weather in Spring season would be here in the US, I should have bought a long sleeved wedding gown like this.

Weddings are one of the most important occasion in a woman’s life.  Getting married is a big decision, too.  You have to be 100% certain with your decision to marry the ideal person for you.  Planning a wedding is stressful and the bride has a big part in all of this.  Most importantly, she has to decide what to wear on her wedding day.  There are lots of selection at chiffon wedding dresses uk.  The wedding dresses are very elegant in designs and look so lovely.

My wedding gown did not cost a lot of money.  And you don’t have to spend much on your wedding attire also. You can find cheap wedding dresses uk or wherever you want to buy your wedding clothes.  No need to stress out.  Make your big day  memorable.

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Research: Imperative When Planning a Destination Wedding ( Momimhar posted on January 17th, 2013 )

If you think a wedding at home takes a lot of planning, wait until you start organising your big day abroad. The good news is that you’ll save yourself money on wedding costs; the average price for a wedding abroad is £6,000, versus the £21,000 many couples spend in the UK. Remember the following to minimise the potential risk of marrying away from home:

Begin Planning Well In Advance

Because a wedding abroad includes so many risky factors, you’ll have to plan with plenty of time to spare and organised right down to the smallest detail. Even your guests will need to Save The Date well in advance, as they need to sort out passports, air fares, accommodation, time off work, and transport too. To help everyone, provide useful information for a variety of budgets on your invitations.

Save Money

By combining your honeymoon with your wedding, you’re saving yourself a lot of money. Encourage your family and friends to arrange their holidays to include your wedding – this’ll make it more feasible for them to attend. If they’re paying for a flight, they may as well stick around to fully enjoy the country.

Know The Law

Without the law on your side, you’ll come back home still unmarried! Research the laws you need to follow come wedding day, in your country of choice. If you book a wedding with a planner that specialises in marrying abroad, all the paperwork will be taken care of through him or her. Be sure that you’ve got everything under control before you step foot on the plane.

Follow The Seasons

You really don’t want to rock up to your destination during monsoon or hurricane season – the weather is too volatile. Check weather patterns before you set the date and purchase travel insurance, just in case.

Unfortunately, if you’re marrying in a country that’s known for extreme weather conditions, you might have to settle on an indoor reception, just in case, or book somewhere that’s more reliable. You wouldn’t have these tropical problems at Cheshire wedding venues!


Use Reputable Vendors

Before you reach for your pocketbook, thoroughly research all the suppliers, servicers, and performers for your wedding day. Ask them for examples of satisfied clients. A wedding coordinator can take care of all these details, if it all gets too stressful, and always ask your consultant if they can recommend any fantastic vendors.

Think Of The Guests

Choosing a venue that’s only accessible via steep steps is not considerate for elderly guests or drunken friends! Think about what will work for the loved ones you’ve invited and double check that they’re all sorted for accommodation, flights etc. Organise a get-together party once everyone has arrived to go over the finer points of the wedding arrangements.

Have a back-up plan for outdoor venues, as you don’t want your guests sitting in the rain throughout the ceremony, while you’re nice and dry under a parapet.

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