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The 3 Essentials of Powerpoint Presentations ( Momimhar posted on March 1st, 2016 )

PowerPoint presentations are essential to many businesses. They’re used to deliver information, make proposals, and train employees. The success of a new business deal can depend on it, and the competency of a new hire can suffer from it. With how important it is, every presenter should be aware of three essential parts of a PowerPoint presentation.


The message is the point of the presentation. Why is it there? What is the viewer going to get from seeing it? A presentation without a well-defined message is just a pretty dumping ground for information. Everything in a presentation works together to clarify the message, but all those other things have no form without a unifying message.


Your content is all the little facts and figures used to deliver your message. With the message, you’re making a claim. With the content, you’re backing it up. The content includes facts, numbers, statistics, charts and graphs. You need to separate that information, group it into the appropriate slide, and arrange it in a logical way. It sounds simple, but this can be a complicated, stressful and time-consuming task. If content is your second step, you’ll end up with well-organized information on boring slides. That’s where design comes in.


The design is how you present your content and message. This incorporates things like text, size, images, and layouts. Things with different messages can have different styles. For example, a presentation on company figures might have blue tones and clear lines while family services training might include brighter colors and personable photographs. You have to create a design that fits the tone and audience of your message. You also have to figure out how best to make your content work with the design when considering the essential images and the available space. For non-designers, this can be the hardest step. There are companies out there that offer custom PowerPoint design so that the client only needs to supply the message and content.

Message, content, and design are three different points to remember, but they work together. Give each area equal attention. If you’re working with a partner or design company, make sure your ideas are in sync. If you manage that, you can get the interested and receptive audience you want.

Tips To Create Delightfully Decorated Cakes ( Momimhar posted on December 6th, 2015 )

a-wedding cake2

Cake decorating is a rewarding hobby or full-time job. The cake decorator’s results and proficiency are easy to see. The right decorating supplies, along with the decorator’s techniques or finishing touches, make the difference. Adding roses, fondant accents, and borders to the cake takes a delicious confection to the next level.

The art of cake decorating and cake design have become more popular as millions of TV viewers watch master bakers and designers perform. Cake buyers want special design and customization when they order birthday or celebration cakes. Home bakers can also learn cake decorating to delight family and friends. Cake decorating supplies in Michigan are essential to novices and expert cake decorators.

Use the following tips to create delightfully decorated cakes:

Tip #1: Buy and use spatulas. Spatulas are a must when preparing a perfect cake for decoration. Cake crumbs on the surface can ruin the appearance of the most perfectly smooth icing.

Remove the cooled baked cake from the pan using a small spatula. Brush crumbs from the top. Add four tablespoons of corn syrup for a layer or larger cake to thin the icing. To ice or frost the cake, use the icing spatula to quickly spread the icing. Do not press the icing into the cake to avoid any crumbs.

Tip #2: Make swirls. Creating swirls adds a simple but fancy appearance to the cake. Hold an icing-filled decorating bag with desired tip at a 90 degree angle about 1/4th inch from the cake surface. Start at the outer rim of the cake and work in an inward direction. To add visual interest, pipe a second spiral on top of the first.

a-birthday cake

Tip #3: Write on the cake. Adding a name or phrase to the iced cake adds a speech touch. Fill the decorating bag about half full with thin icing. Select and attach the decorating tip. Don’t point the tip down towards the cake: elevate it a bit and use steady pressure to create a steady line.

Allow the decorative icing to drop onto the iced surface and then pull the tip away. Before writing another word, check the decorating tip and clean it to ensure best results.


Cake decorating is a fun and enjoyable way to make celebrations even more special. Consider taking a cake decorating class to more quickly master the art of cake decoration.

A Dedicated Event Planner Can Be A Boon To Your Business ( Momimhar posted on September 15th, 2015 )

a-event meeting

When you decide to host an event through your company, it can be tempting to simply assign the job of planning to a group of your employees, rather than hiring an outside professional event planner, but there are lots of reasons why that is not a good decision. Hiring a professional event planner will not only benefit your event but will also prove advantageous to your company as a whole.

A professional event coordinator can effectively manage every aspect of your event, from small details such as invitations and table linens to big-picture things such as the overall look and feel of the event. So, instead of adding to the job description of your office manager or marketing team, it’s best to hire an outside planning company. Here are three reasons why that’s a good idea.

They have experience

Why entrust the success of a big event to people whose job descriptions don’t include event planning? Although your employees may have some very valuable skills when it comes to planning events, do they have all of the skills, experience, connections and know-how to pull it off like the pros can? Probably not. Instead, hire a professional planning team who have all of the qualities and skills necessary to focus on your event.


They can avoid pitfalls

A professional event planner knows all about what can go wrong at an event – and they know how to deal with things as they crop up. Although steps can be taken to avoid mishaps, there’s no way to completely avoid things from happening. When you hire a professional event planner, they can be on hand to deal with things as they come up, and to put out fires as necessary. They are experts in dealing with crises and can address issues on the fly.

Your employees can focus on their jobs

When you assign tasks to an employee that are outside of his job description, naturally you are going to, in some way or other, be taking away time that that person could be using to do their regular jobs. When it comes to planning large-scale events such as trade shows, there is a potential for employees’ attention to be taken away from their regular jobs for months. That can hamper productivity quite dramatically! Instead, hire a dedicated event planner to take care of things for you. Then, your employees can get back to the jobs for which they were hired (and in which they specialize!). Unless you are going to employ an event-planning team full time (which really isn’t feasible in most cases) it’s probably most efficient and effective to hire an outside event planning team to handle your event. They can handle all aspects of the planning, execution and crisis management for your event, leaving you and your employees to do your jobs.

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