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Happy Father’s Day from Mommy’s Bright Bundles ( Momimhar posted on June 21st, 2015 )

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Happy Father’s Day.

Greetings from Mommy’s Bright Bundles. ¬†Good fathers around the world are celebrated today, June 21.

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Flowers And Cards ( Momimhar posted on December 5th, 2014 )

Our darling daughter is 4 years old. :)

Our darling daughter is 4 years old. ūüôā

Daddy bought a bouquet of fresh rainbow flowers this morning for our birthday girl. ¬†So when DD woke up, she was surprised with these lovely colorful flowers and a birthday card with her favorite magical character on it – the unicorn. ¬†The card has stickers and she liked it as well. ¬†How time flies so fast. ¬†Our little darling is not little anymore. ¬†She doesn’t want to be called that. She said she’s a big girl now. ¬†I am proud to say that I didn’t go through that terrible two’s. ¬†DD is a happy child. ¬†There are times she wants things her way but she listens when we tell her that she can’t have them because they’re not necessary.

As much as she loves flowers, DD also loves the greeting cards she received from family and friends.   And a big thanks to those who gave her birthday presents.

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What Is A Daughter-In-Law? ( Momimhar posted on February 9th, 2014 )

Like the previous ones, my heart is always touched by the wishes and greeting cards I receive on my birthday.¬† And the greeting card that I adore the most is the one from my parents-in-law.¬† It really moves me and the details are very meaningful.¬† Here’s the recent greeting card I received from them this weekend.

I love the words in this card.

I love the words in this card.

And their birthday gift to me was very generous.¬† I simply don’t know what to say but a sincere “Thank you”.¬† And I am proud to say that I have the most wonderful ‘in-laws in the world!

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“Happy Birthday, Daddy!” ( Momimhar posted on October 1st, 2013 )

“It’s daddy’s birthday today”, I told my darling daughter this morning.¬† “Let’s give him a birthday card mommy,” she said.¬† So we went to the grocery store to buy something for a special dinner and, of course, a birthday card.

I think my little one is developing the concept of thoughtfulness and sharing.¬† Several times when she’s eating fruit slices or crackers, she will come to me or to her dad and offer us some.¬† She keeps¬† picking a greeting card for her Na-na whenever we stop by at the greeting cards isle of the grocery store.


Daddy’s birthday cards.

Darling daughter picked the birthday card for daddy.¬† it’s the one with a playful kiddie design on it.¬† The tallest card is from his parents.¬† The card with a man on the hill fishing on the picture is from his brother (and family).¬† The card with a bird in the picture is from his best friend (and family).¬† And the card with a dog teasing a cat in the picture is from his only sister¬† and youngest sibling.

As a birthday present, I bought a new body pillow for dear husband.  And he is going to buy a few pairs of jeans from the gift cards he received.

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Valentine’s Day Common Artwork ( Momimhar posted on February 13th, 2010 )

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. To me, there is nothing special about it except for couples celebrating their love for each other.

But in occasion like Valentine’s Day, the students (mostly in elementary schools) will have an activity for the day of hearts. Either the children will have a small role playing in their respective classes or, they will make an artwork about love.

When my siblings and I were little kids, our teachers will have us make an artwork. The very common artwork we did was a greeting card. A Valentine’s card. To whom we gave the card to? To our parents.

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