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Guest Reader Today ( Momimhar posted on February 28th, 2017 )

I was a guest reader in K’s class yesterday.

In participation with the Read Across America Campaign week, K’s school PTO asked parents if we’re able to come to the school and read to the students or listen to them read.  I came to her school yesterday and read a book to two First Grader students and to K’s class.

It was a great feeling to be able to share a little time reading to the children and see them interact and share their reactions about the story I read to them.

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Give Thanks All Year Long ( Momimhar posted on November 19th, 2016 )

Thanksgiving arts and crafts.

Thanksgiving arts and crafts.

Give thanks — all year long.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Recognition Day Invite ( Momimhar posted on November 10th, 2016 )



Darling daughter’s teacher announced last week that there will be an awarding tomorrow. This is for the nine weeks school period. K is getting recognized, and she will be given an award tomorrow. She said she doesn’t know what the award is for so I guess I’ll have to find out tomorrow morning. 😊

How to Keep Math Struggles at Bay in Young Children ( Momimhar posted on November 6th, 2015 )

Mathematics can be a very difficult subject for children in school. Preventing mathematical struggles early helps children to enjoy math, greatly increasing their chances of being successful in the subject throughout their high school years. If a child begins to struggle in math and the issue is ignored, the child could continue to have problems with math for years, potentially requiring an army of tutors and years of summer school. Every parent is capable of setting their children up for success.

a-math homework

Study Math with the Child Every Day
Every single day should involve a one-on-one math lesson at home. If the child finds math to be relatively easy and he or she needs minimal assistance, the child can “teach” the parent the same math lesson learned in school that day. The child can do a set of problems, explaining why he or she worked them out with a particular formula. If the child has a wonderful grasp, this process could take less than 10 minutes. For children who are having some minor issues, the parent needs to solve problems with the child until he or she has a firm grasp. The lesson should be fun and stress free for the child, perhaps involving candy or fun projects.

Using Math Tools Frequently
There are dozens of fun math tools available for parents. Videos are one great instructional tool, as they sometimes use cartoons and fun stories to help children to relate to math. Other tools, such as centimeter cubes, help the child to visualize the problem. These cubes could be used for nearly any type of math including: measurements, fractions, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Learning can always be made fun with extra tools.

Finding and Targeting Mathematical Weaknesses
When the child brings home his or her graded tests and homework, the parent should look through the papers to see where his or her child stands in math. Even near perfect grades can hint at a particular weakness, such as a child who missed every single word problem but excelled with every other problem. Once these weaknesses are identified, the parent should work diligently with the child to solve the problems. These small issues can manifest in later years, when mathematics become much more complicated.

Math might be a universal language, but it can be difficult for some children. If parents work hard to keep their children up to speed, it becomes less likely that the child will have significant problems in the future. Being proficient in the foundations of math will be important for the rest of his or her life.

Reading Evaluation At Enrollment ( Momimhar posted on May 23rd, 2015 )

Reading as part of enrollment evaluation.

Reading as part of enrollment evaluation.  Photo was taken by my sister.

Few days ago, I think that was Monday, my sister enrolled my nephew into 7th Grade.  Before they can get in line and go through the enrollment process, my sister has to do a certain task in the school together with the other parents.  She and other parents cleaned up the school grounds.  Sweeping and raking dried leaves, weeding, and the likes.  Once they are done with the certain task, they can get in line for their kids’ enrollment.

Good thing my sister has all the requirements for enrollment.  She was complaining that there are so many enrollees for the 7th Grade.  I just couldn’t believe how messed up is the education system now in the Philippines.  K-12 was implemented IMMEDIATELY.  What in the world??? My nephew graduated from 6th Grade (supposedly finishes the Elementary level then will go to High School) now he has to enroll to 7th Grade.  I should be pissed off.  They should have implemented that K-12 to the 1st Graders last school year.

Anyway, as part of the enrollment process, all enrollees have to read in front of the enrolling teacher as an evaluation for sectioning, I guess.  So they got it done so next thing to do now is to buy uniforms and school supplies.  Classes starts in two weeks.

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