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Check For This Safety Feature When Buying A Car ( Momimhar posted on September 26th, 2017 )

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child safety car seat

As a car owner, one of the most important to me is the safety of my vehicle every time my family and I travel. It is not just something to compromise.  Car safety is a MUST.  I take it seriously.  Besides, my life here in the USA is not complete without a car.  It is one of the necessities to get around.  And car shopping requires patience and a little know-how.  Recommendations from family or friends should be taken into consideration because they can help with the decision-making in the long run.

Most people just look at car brands when buying one.  They don’t take the time to look at the features and mileage capacity.  All they think of is how they will look when they are driving an expensive car.  I am not about that. I am about economic and safety features. So what car safety feature should we check for when buying a car?

When my husband bought my car, he sought recommendations from immediate families and he checked ratings and reviews on the Internet.  He compared features and prices as well.  One of the main concerns when buying a car is the Latch System in the back passenger seats. The Latch System consists usually consists of two sets of lower Latch anchors and three top tether anchors which you will find between the back and bottom seat cushions in the back passenger seats. If you don’t know about it, you may check it out in your car now.  It is in compliance with the federal government law requiring cars manufactured after Sept. 1, 2002 to have a Latch System.

Over-head latch

Under the seat cushions metal latches. Your car’s back seats should have four of these.

With this Latch System, you child’s car seats or booster seats will be completely secured.  I recommend to go to your nearest Fire or Police Department for proper car seat installation.  This way, you are confident.  And to prolong the life of your car and your precious passengers, drive safely.

Got A Seat Of Her Own ( Momimhar posted on November 22nd, 2012 )

Traveling with a toddler for the very first time needs lots of preparation.  Gladly my husband bought  three air tickets so our little girl will have a seat of her own.  Turning two years old, there is no way we can let her sit on our laps the whole flight.

Providing the toddlers their own seats on the plane can help in many ways.  One is that, they can lay down to sleep and have their space to play and be entertained.  We do not have to worry about disturbing other passengers because international planes have three seats in one row.  Even though we pay a big price for the tickets, I guess it’s worth it when traveling with a child.

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Lots Of Planning To Do ( Momimhar posted on February 10th, 2012 )

I have friends living in Australia and some of them are inviting us for a visit.  Honestly, I would love to travel to what they call “The Land Down Under” and see the beautiful places like Sydney, Brisbane, Victoria, and Melbourne. Traveling with baby for the first time might be very hard for us.  According to my cousin’s experience, it is different traveling alone and with a child.  You won’t be able to get much rest and watching your child is the high priority.

One of my girl friend asked if traveling with a pet is easy.  I believe so.  And accommodation with pets in Australia is available too.  If you have dogs for example, places with pet friendly accommodation victoria is an advantage because you can take your dogs with you anywhere or leave them for a while to rest.  You can also take them for a hike if you choose to stay on countryside cottages.

Well, we will have a lots of thinking and planning to do.  Hopefully, in the near future, our family can have the opportunity to visit our friends in Australia.

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