Baby Has Graduated ( Momimhar posted on January 30th, 2012 )

Today, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday lunch.  My parents-in-law are here and they gave us a treat for my birthday.  Another blessed year for me.  I am getting old :).

My little princess is 13 months now.  She is getting taller and heavier too.  My husband and I decided to let her sit facing forward now because she is feeling uncomfortable in her rear-facing car seat.  According to Texas Law, it is required that babies stay rear-facing until 12 months age with the height or weight limit of the car seat.  This is for the child’s safety in the vehicle,

We looked for a good quality forward-facing car seat for babies.  Besides affordability, we also wanted the baby gear to be durable and well-cushioned for traveling.  We found and compared a couple car  seats but we agreed to pick the one from Graco.  It is well-cushioned and can be converted into a booster seat too.  My baby has graduated now.

facing-forward car seat

Anyway, we all enjoyed lunch and had a great time visiting.

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