Lots Of Planning To Do ( Momimhar posted on February 10th, 2012 )

I have friends living in Australia and some of them are inviting us for a visit.  Honestly, I would love to travel to what they call “The Land Down Under” and see the beautiful places like Sydney, Brisbane, Victoria, and Melbourne. Traveling with baby for the first time might be very hard for us.  According to my cousin’s experience, it is different traveling alone and with a child.  You won’t be able to get much rest and watching your child is the high priority.

One of my girl friend asked if traveling with a pet is easy.  I believe so.  And accommodation with pets in Australia is available too.  If you have dogs for example, places with pet friendly accommodation victoria is an advantage because you can take your dogs with you anywhere or leave them for a while to rest.  You can also take them for a hike if you choose to stay on countryside cottages.

Well, we will have a lots of thinking and planning to do.  Hopefully, in the near future, our family can have the opportunity to visit our friends in Australia.

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