Soothing and Calming Lullabies ( Momimhar posted on October 28th, 2013 )

As a first time mom, I had no idea how would I be able to handle being a mother or something.  I don’t have my family with me to help me with cooking, cleaning and tidying up the house, and assisting with little things like changing baby’s diaper or doing the laundry.  I was in the recovery period for months because I had my thru C-section.  Though my cousin lives about ten miles from my house, I couldn’t ask her for a help because she also had a newborn a month older than mine.  But with my dear husband’s support and understanding, I was able to recover fast.

One of the challenges I encountered as a mom was the difficulty in putting my baby to sleep when she was in infant stage.  Putting our baby to sleep is easy if we know the trick.  We have different approach on lulling our little ones to sleep.  Maybe some of the first time moms like me had difficulties.

During my baby’s infancy, her sleeping habits changed.  Sometimes she goes to sleep easily when I put her in her crib after reading a storybook.  Then it came to the point where she wants to sleep in my arms while rocking on the rocking chair.  Up to now in toddler stage, she won’t go to bed if I don’t snuggle with her.

She is still full of energy in the evening.  So I followed a recommendation that playing a calming music like lullabies help toddlers and babies settle down.  Because of the soothing melodies, they start to feel drowsy.  I found a compilation of lullaby songs and music online.  I love this lullaby album.   So calming that helps put my little one to sleep.  Also, letting our little ones listen to soothing music helps with brain development.

Another reason why I liked this album because it has one my all-time favorite music Adagio by Ludwig Van Beethoven.  It touched my heart the moment I heard it for the first time.  I bookmarked this album so I can access it any time.

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  1. I agree Mare, I like that one too.

  2. I need to find something that will help my youngest son nap. He refuses and by the end of the day – he and then I are very cranky.

    • Momimhar says:

      This compilation might help. My daughter won’t take a nap by herself. I have to be snuggling with her while we listen to the lullabies.

  3. Sasha Cory says:

    I love this! Even when they aren’t needed for my little one, I love listening to them. Lullabies are so calming and relaxing.

  4. I remember the days of having to get my kids to go to sleep and them not wanting to sleep. I don’t envy you!

  5. Paula says:

    My kids had a hard time falling asleep, for us a bedtime routine is still very important. Out routine includes reading and sining a song before they go to sleep. I think music is a great tool to calm babies. Love the album!

  6. I have to admit, I was the one falling asleep while listening to the baby lullabies. They are so soothing to listen to and while hoping the baby would go to sleep, I was snoring my butts off too. LOL! Anyway, I have never really had a big problem with my two kids to sleep when they were babies. I mean, I am a co-sleeper and I have noticed that actually made them sleep well. At nap times, they know when they were tired and had no problem going back to sleep. Both of them had been wonderful babies. Now they are growing so fast. Oh dear!

  7. Nova S says:

    This is very nice, I will download this tune for my soon to be kid..indeed good lullaby

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