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Our Very First Carved Pumpkin ( Momimhar posted on October 30th, 2013 )

We just got home from a 3-day visit to DD’s grandparents.  The drive home on Wednesday afternoon was a big challenge because it was raining hard from Tyler all the way to our house. Thankfully, my little one was taking a nap while the rain was pouring down over the Interstate.  I was very careful because of the extremely low visibility on the road.  Plus I was behind a big delivery truck and drove me nuts.  Anyway, we safely arrived home.  We always have a great time visiting the folks.

Then I remember my dear husband told us that we’ll carve a pumpkin the day before the Halloween.  I had a big pumpkin on the front porch.  DD was very excited about the thought that she will help carve a pumpkin.  I haven’t carved a pumpkin before, ever.  So this is the very first carved pumpkin for me and DD.  We bought a pumpkin carving kit from Walmart a week ago.  Because DD was very excited, she took the tools off the pack checking them one by one.

Tonight’s the night and we carved our very first Halloween pumpkin.  First we picked a pattern from the kit – a cat.  Then DH cleaned the pumpkin and removed the mushy thing inside it.  We placed and traced the pattern on the pumpkin using a tracer.


Taping the pattern on the pumpkin.


DD helping daddy carve the pumpkin. Actually, she’s poking it.

After tracing, we removed the pattern from the pumpkin and began carving, following the poked dots on it.


Yay!  Doing some finishing touches.

DD was very happy about the result.  I will show you the picture of the lighted pumpkin tomorrow.  🙂  For the meantime, I will tell take this opportunity to tell you that DD is gonna be a Pirate Princess on Trick or Treat tomorrow…not Jewel from Lalaloopsy.

“Bats And Broomsticks” – A Halloween Arts and Crafts Party ( Momimhar posted on October 30th, 2013 )

Darling daughter’s Halloween party and arts & crafts last Saturday was a success.  She was very excited about this activity that she couldn’t stop talking about it the night before.  She remembered the previous Pre-K themed party at the recreation center and it’s amazing how much information retains in her memory.  What she liked most at that party was dancing the Hula Dance and playing games (of course).

Last Saturday’s Pre-K themed party was called “Bats and Broomsticks” in celebration for the upcoming Halloween.  The kids enthusiastically created Halloween crafts, cupcake decorating, and they also painted pumpkins.  When cupcake decorating was finished, it was followed by story time which was good because the kids got to eat their decorated cupcakes while they listened to the stories about “The Big Pumpkin” and “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.


DD has to get a taste of the cupcake frosting while coloring.


A game of finding a star.


Guess What’s In The Bag Game – see the curiosity and wonder on their faces?


Just about to start painting a pumpkin.


Look at her finished product. Really looks Halloween-ney. 🙂


“Here’s my spider cupcake, mommy. Yum!”

After each activity at the party, the coordinators let them play a game to get a little exercise.  What’s the most exciting was the kids got to wear their favorite costumes for Halloween.  There’s a space provided in the party room that was decorated for Fall and Halloween where participants can have their portraits taken.  We didn’t get to have our pictures taken there because DD was having fun at the party and I didn’t want to disturb her.

I am glad that there’s the recreation center in town offered activities like this to young children Pre-K (ages 2-5).  Well, actually it is a part of the recreation center’s program for the public.  To me, the $9 registration fee per child is not bad at all.


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