“Happy Birthday, Daddy!” ( Momimhar posted on October 1st, 2013 )

“It’s daddy’s birthday today”, I told my darling daughter this morning.  “Let’s give him a birthday card mommy,” she said.  So we went to the grocery store to buy something for a special dinner and, of course, a birthday card.

I think my little one is developing the concept of thoughtfulness and sharing.  Several times when she’s eating fruit slices or crackers, she will come to me or to her dad and offer us some.  She keeps  picking a greeting card for her Na-na whenever we stop by at the greeting cards isle of the grocery store.


Daddy’s birthday cards.

Darling daughter picked the birthday card for daddy.  it’s the one with a playful kiddie design on it.  The tallest card is from his parents.  The card with a man on the hill fishing on the picture is from his brother (and family).  The card with a bird in the picture is from his best friend (and family).  And the card with a dog teasing a cat in the picture is from his only sister  and youngest sibling.

As a birthday present, I bought a new body pillow for dear husband.  And he is going to buy a few pairs of jeans from the gift cards he received.

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