She Needs Plenty Of Rest ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

My little girl and I did not go to the library today.  I decided to just stay home and rest for we had a terrible week.  My darling daughter caught cough and colds again last weekend and she had fever for two days.  Sunday night her temperature went up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  My husband and I were very worried.  We barely had a good sleep because we were monitoring our little one’s temperature.  She’s complaining about her head.  We thought she was having headache.  She was having a dry cough too, which my husband thought was also the reason why she’s having a headache.

With the help of simple home remedies using humidifier, nasal spray for little kids, aromatics, pain and fever reducer for kids 2 to 6 years old, honey, and vapor rub, our little princess felt better after four days.  The fever only lasted for two days.  The headache went away as soon as the fever’s gone.  Her appetite is back and giving her daily vitamins is very important.  Although she’s still coughing now, it is not as dry as few days ago.  That means honey is taking effect.  Her body is getting rid of that nasty mucus through urination and bowel movement.


It is really hard when your child gets sick.  Our worries are to the roof.  As for me, I panic especially if my daughter’s crying a lot.  So today, we are relaxing and I am letting my little girl get plenty of rest.

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