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Trimmed The Bangs For The First Time ( Momimhar posted on April 16th, 2013 )

I haven’t cut someone’s hair before.  I was never confident I would do it right.  But the other night, after giving my darling daughter a bath, I decided to cut her hair.  Well it is because the bangs were grown to where they cover her eyes already.  So with the help of my darling husband, I was able to trim my little princess’s bangs for the very first time.

Gladly she was very attentive and steady.  She cooperated and stayed still.  She asked a lot of questions while we were busy trimming but we finished without upsetting each other.  🙂

It is very important to always keep the kids groomed.  Explaining to them the significance  of good grooming and hygiene will help them remember that looking good and clean is important to stay healthy.


Had my haircut 🙂

Besides the hair, other parts of the body needs good hygiene too.

Ears – Removing ear wax after shower or bath using cotton buds or Q-tips.  Ear wax build up can cause irritation to the ears.

Eyes – The eyes are sensitive.  Just a soft wiping with a clean wash cloth or a gentle splash of water on the face can help clean the eyes.

Nose – Absolutely DON’T use Q-tips or cotton buds to clean the nose.  A soft clean wet wash cloth can help clean the nose.  Just ask your little ones to blow their noses and they will do it properly.

Mouth – Brushing your little ones’ teeth twice a day (morning and night) is very important to maintain oral health and oral hygiene.  My darling daughter likes brushing her teeth.  As early as infant stage (just use a soft clean wet wash cloth to clean gums and tongue), cleaning their mouths should always be done to avoid bath breath.  And use an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your child.

Fingernails and Toenails – Washing hands before and after meals, from the bathroom, and from outdoor activities, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.  And trimming the fingernails and toenails should always be done as soon as we see them grow to the fingertips so our little ones won’t scratch their skin.  Also, dirt won’t stuck under the fingernails.

Private areas – Well we all know this.  After each and every trip to the bathroom, we should get our kids cleaned up.  Wiping from front to back is advisable.  I recommend to use a fragrance-free and allergy-free wet wipes for infants and toddlers.

Taking a bath is essential either way.  Giving our kids a bath once a day keeps them clean and fresh.  It helps soothe and condition their bodies to get ready for the day or bedtime.

No matter how busy our day is, a quality time with our kids is very important.  Spending this time with simple tasks like grooming and hygiene means a lot.  Motherhood is fun.  We should enjoy our kids and take care of them.

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