Developing A Reading Habit Helps Children Learn Quickly ( Momimhar posted on October 25th, 2011 )

One of the best thing you can give to your child is your time.  Spending time with your children either playing games or reading a book together are a precious treasured moments that you and your children will remember.  Bonding during the day or in the evening can always be fun.  Talking at meal time or reading a story book at bed time are both worthwhile.

Developing a reading habit at an early age helps children learn quickly as they enhance language and comprehension skills.  The more you show enthusiasm in reading to your kids, they will automatically get the interest with it.

Besides children’s books and family magazines, nature books are interesting too.  Have you read Tristan Goes to the Store with your child?  It is a story of a fluffy frise do who loves to go to the pet store.  I bet your child will enjoy reading this book as he or she imagines how Tristan, the dog, gets excited as he sees other pets.  You will find rich language teaching concepts for your young readers in this book.  Get a copy of this book now and read it aloud with your child.  Let this be added to your children’s book collection.

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