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When Budgets Were Short ( Momimhar posted on October 6th, 2011 )

When shopping, I always go for good deals where I can almost get the items for free especially for the very necessary things.  Who would not?  In fact, the general public is aware how commodities are increasing their prices. Families with average monthly earnings have to stretch the household budget in addition to allotting money for their kids’ school needs.

When my siblings and I were still kids, our parents had to distribute their salary evenly on household  expenses, including the budget for our daily snack in school.  When I was in grade school, there were days that I did not have any penny for a snack because the money’s short.  So my parents had to prioritize my younger siblings’ snack budget.  I just had to eat well before going to school in the morning.  I felt so isolated.  But I had nice classmates who share their snack with me during recess.  There were times I could not comply with class requirements.  That was heartbreaking for me.

Now, we are fortunate that the family can provide my niece and nephews their school needs…I told my sisters to prioritize and be very wise in spending their money if they go shopping.

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